Rock Painting Pen Addiction

I have a little secret … I have a paint pen addiction. I have bought and tried so many different brands of pens, but I finally have found my go to pens.

Flysea Acryllic Painters

rock painting pensThese have great depth of colour and good coverage for rock painting. I have only been using these pens for about 4 months.

But they are now my go to pens for rocks that I need good coverage but dont want to be bothered with using paints and paint brushes. Nice easy pens to use for simple rock designs. I have used these pens recently for dogs and bikers. The backgrounds are resene paint, everything else with the Flysea pens.

Flysea pens come in two different sizes a fine nib and medium nib. I use the fine nib. You can buy a 12 or 24 colour pack. I love the 24 pack as it gives you more colour options.

I purchased mine from Arty Farty which is an awesome online store for all your rock painting essentials.

Posca Paint Pens

posca rock painting penPosca Paint pens are probably the most popular pen for rock painting, but I just don’t like them.

The only Posca Pens I use are the black and white fine pens for outline, detail work and writing. For actually using them for block colour in designs I found the pens dont provide good solid coverage, and produce a patchy finish.

Posca paint pens come in a wide variety of sizes and colours. The only ones I now buy are the fine nib – PC-1MR.

You can purchase posca pens from lots of stores. Check out Discount Office as they usually have the cheapest ones around or Arty Farty.

Fine Art Liners

fine line art rock painting pensThe Posca PC-1MR posca pens, even though they are quite fine at 0.7mm tip they are sometimes too think for very fine line detail work.

I use Kent Graphic Fineliner pens or Faber Castle Fineliner. Beware that these pens dont last long when using on rocks. The nib can get damaged by the rough rock surface and then they don’t work.

The rocks below you can see the shading on the cat and fine details lines on the other rocks alll used fine liner pens.

Fineline pens are available at lots of different stores; Mighty Ape, Warehouse Stationery, Hobbyland and lots of other places.

Oil based pens

oil based rock painting pensArt Master do an oil based paint pen. They provide a really good coverage with a nice sheen to the colour.

The major downside of using oil based pens is the drying time. You need to leave the rocks for at least one week depending on the weather to ensure they are dry before sealing.

If you don’t wait all the colours run and makes a big mess of your rock.

Other Paint Pens

You can purchase STA paint pens from Aliexpress or Wish. I am not a huge fan. The metallic pen colours are very muted. The pen nib is quite think too.

Prockey Paint Pens are good as they do provide good coverage and are double ended so you have a fine nib on one end and a felt tip on the other.

Pintor Paint Pens are also a popular choice. Again for rock designs I fine they can provide patchy coverage and can blob a lot.