Lets talk about rock sealing!

I love shiny, shiny rocks and often get asked how do I get my rocks so shiny. The answer is its all about the time you take to seal your rocks.

To get the glass like finish you really need to resin your rocks. Unfortunately I am allergic to resin so I don’t use it. When I had a reaction after the first time I used resin, I did some research and if you do want to resin your rocks please take all the health and safety precautions and watch this You Tube video on the dangers of resin.

So with resin a no go, how do I manage to get a super shiny finish?


When my painted rock is finished I try and wait at least 24 hours before I seal it. This is to make sure that the paint is fully dry.

I then use a spray gloss UV sealant. I’m not particular about what type, I just buy it wherever I am. Ones I have used the most include:

I give the rocks a good spray coating of the gloss sealant. This step is important especially if you use paint pens as they will run in the next step if you dont seal with the spray sealant.


liquitex rock sealingI try and wait 24 hours after the spray sealant, but if I am honest sometimes it is only a few hours.

I then use Liquitex High Gloss Varnish. This is a brush on sealant. The trick is do multiple thin coats. I usually do between 3-5 coats, waiting at least 2 hours between each coat. There is no smell to the varnish and the brushes are easily cleaned with water. So I do this all inside (spray sealant I do outside).

This is available in New Zealand from Mighty Ape, Warehouse Stationery (but usually only in 118ml), Hobbyland (again 118ml size) and Spotlight. I usually check if there a sale is on. Mighty Ape tends to be the cheapest at $23 for a 237ml bottle. This is enough for approx 250 rocks depending on their size.

See video below.