Materials Used

The items used to create the rock are:
Newtons Chalk Finish Paint – White
Faber Castell Kneadable Art Eraser
Derwent Inktense Water colour pencils – Green Aquamarine, Mallard Green, Field Green and Apple Green
Flysea Acryllic Paint Pens – extra Fine 0.7mm in Black and White
Staedtler Black Pigment Liner 0.2mm


I’m using a kneadable art eraser to remove most of my pencil line so I can still see for my design but it’s not going to show through the watercolour

Now I add the intense watercolour pencils. I’m using 4 different greens, lightest on the inside to darkest on the outside. As you can see I very quickly colour in the rock and then I use the water to activate the watercolour properties.

You can see that those colours are spreading nicely again I start from the lightest colour from the inside and move out to the darkest colour on the outside and pretty much I just keep working through those colours all across the bunny and see how that is blending.

Once I have it all blended if I feel like there needs to be more colour added add more colour so I just grab those same colour pencils or introduce new colours, depending on how happy I am with the colour blending.

These rocks are quite quick easy rocks to do. From start to finish I have done quite a lot of them arm you know this whole process probably takes me maybe maybe 5 to 10 minutes on a rock depending on how that colour blending goes. The more different colours you use on the rock the more time it takes. If you;re using one colour like or green or blue shades the blending is a lot easier. When you’re trying to do a multicoloured affect it takes longer. I’ve done ones in purples and greens and yellows. Those rocks take a lot longer because it’s more difficult to blend different colours together.

I use a white chalk paint for the base (typically used for redoing old furniture or distressing our furniture) it provides more of a base for the water colour to set on the rock.

When I’m happy with the colour of the bunny I then use acrylic paint pens for the details. I don’t draw the eyes on any more in pencil. I just Freeflow and hope for the best. I just make the eyes bigger I’m not happy with the overall shape. I wasn’t very tidy around the mouth so just covering any paint bleeds with white pencils and adding the white reflection dots to the eyes.

Then I add the hairy affect.

For the eyes and mouth I use Flysee acrylic paint pens. For all the hair affect I use a very fine line pigment marker. At the moment I’m using the Staedtler fine lines and the pen I’m using is a .2 mm nib. You want it really fine.